That’s all, Folks

My employment at the Exponent has spanned multiple roles over the last two years. Sadly, this is my last edition. I started as a graphic designer, but my current role as lead layout designer has been the most rewarding. Leaving the Exponent is difficult for me, but the thing about graduating is that you lose your student job whether you like it or not. Nevertheless, I would like to thank Erin Murdock, our editor-in-chief, and the rest of the staff for making my time here enjoyable.

Production night on Wednesdays have been extra special. I have waterproof eyeliner just for Wednesday nights because I always end up laughing so hard I cry. I will miss everyone’s weird conversations that generally seemed to happen when we had the most work to get done. So many inside jokes have developed in the Exponent office, ranging from whatever ‘digging a bathroom’ is, to Dave’s box text ideas and what to do with 50 gallons of lube. I have also gained an extensive amount of knowledge about the urinals on campus. So, it has all been worth it.

I will forever be thankful for what I have learned about producing a newspaper. The experience I have gained has helped me become quick and precise as a layout designer. As much as I will miss the Exponent, I look forward to the opportunities I will have because of this job.

And for a final note to all the future lead layout designers, all you need to know is Cruzado’s first name is Waded, not ‘Wadad.’

-Valerie Seelye