In Praise of Print

To our readers: I am so very proud to be writing you as the opinion editor for the Exponent. This article marks the final time I will address you.

I came to the Exponent in 2015 in pursuit of my passion for writing. I was limited in my experience of student-led organizations and, to be frank, my expectations were just as limited. Yet, rather than eccentric students milling around an office for pay as inept writers, I was met with professional leaders; individuals with true skillsets in management, writing, editing, photography and design. To say that my experience here has exceeded my expectations would be an immense understatement.

Now, as graduation fast approaches, I am reminded both of my impending departure from MSU and that of the Exponent. So, I would like to give thanks to you, our readers, and to the Exponent staff for providing me this opportunity. Though I leave behind this position, our production nights, office jokes, quote board and, unfortunately, my co-workers, I am taking with me an immeasurable set of skills and experiences to aid in the new set of opportunities that lie ahead of me.

In departing from this position, I would like to leave our readers this: print is not dead; the animated and remarkable staff of the MSU Exponent has made sure of that.