MSU Passes Great Policy Allowing MSU Trademark on Alcohol

University Council passed an amendment that allows MSU’s trademark to be used on alcoholic beverages in celebration of MSU’s 420th anniversary on Wednesday, March 29. The vote passed unanimously. This policy change is a step in the right direction, and a new Bobcat Beer will undoubtedly have terrific benefits for MSU.

Even though Montana has had consistently high rates of drunk driving, what could be better than students and alumni chugging Bobcat Beer? If a student body president were to get a DUI, at least they can tell police and the Dean of Student’s office that they were drinking MSU’s beer. Students who act irresponsibly while drinking Bobcat Beer should receive lesser sentences from the school. After all, it’s got MSU’s name on it.

During public comment at the meeting, a recovering alcoholic spoke out in support of the policy change as well. He explained how saying no to alcohol is always a challenge, but saying no to MSU’s beer is going to be even harder, and he’s excited to test his willpower. College is supposed to be difficult, and what better way to challenge students in recovery than by offering them MSU beer?

As great as Bobcat Beer is, I can’t wait to see what MSU comes up with next. MSU Vodka? Special MSU shots that we can buy at Bar 8? We, the students, have to push the University to take the next step, we can’t let them stop at Bobcat Beer. If MSU continues to produce alcoholic beverages, they’ll make more money and students will have more options for irresponsible recreation. It’s a win-win.

-Erin Murdock, Boss Bev