Homework a Waste of Time for MSU Students

Students go about their day-to-day lives attending lectures, turning in assignments and getting no sleep, but there’s a problem with this routine. School shouldn’t eat up all of a student’s time. Once they’re out of the lecture hall, the rest of the day should become personal time in which they can waste it away watching “Criminal Minds” on Netflix. Homework wastes everybody’s time as it plays no part in student success and repetitive cycles of the same information is not necessary after the first time around.

Surely, everyone must have understood everything covered in class with their photographic memories. And to speed the educational process, the Montana University System should allow students to take 30 credits per semester so that they can graduate in two years and immediately join their desired career field. Students should be able to pass a class by just going to lecture and then trying to recall everything. Homework doesn’t assist students in understanding the class material. On the contrary, it improves their ability to use Google to find answers and become more effective at cheating.

The faster students can get out, the better equipped at dealing with whatever happens afterwards they will be, whatever that may be. Homework slows the attainment of success that a student will otherwise reach if they have their personal days.

-Wangmo Tenzing, Special Snowflake