Conservatives in College: The Real Victims Here

It’s no secret, being a conservative in college is harder now than ever before. The politically-correct left is out in force, determined to shut down everyone they disagree with. Here are just a few regular occurrences in my life that I’m sure any other conservative at MSU can identify with:

When I give my honest, unsolicited opinion about an entire race or religion of people, I’m accused of “bigotry” or “racism” and the person I’m with has a sudden emergency and leaves.

When I say something normal and innocuous like, “honestly, we should just glass the Middle East,” these liberals become totally unhinged and use disgusting and foul language towards me. If I can’t call for millions to burn alive in nuclear fire without liberals shouting swear words at me, the First Amendment is truly dead on the MSU campus.

When I make any number of normal, well-adjusted statements like, “if people can’t afford life-saving treatment, maybe hospitals should just turn them away,” “maybe drivers should be allowed to drive through protesters blocking the highway,” “we’re too squeamish about civilian casualties to win the war on terror,” or “maybe if he didn’t want to get shot by the police, he shouldn’t have been holding his wallet when he put his hands up,” people look at me like some kind of monster who doesn’t care about human lives. I DO care about human lives, but sometimes there are just things that are more important; things like hospitals making money, people making it to work on time, our military being able to kill terrorists without worrying about killing civilians too and the right of our poor Boys in Blue to never feel scared even for a second.

No one should have to endure this kind of abuse; I should be free to give my opinions without liberals judging me for them. It’s time to end the bigotry against the most oppressed group in the U.S.: white male conservative college students.

Nick Peyton, Special Snowflake