Bozeman not White Enough

I came to MSU under the impression that Bozeman was a ski town. Naturally, I was expecting one characteristic of this city to stand out more than anything else: it was supposed to be white. I was overwhelmingly disappointed. This city and its university simply are not white enough.

I fled Los Angeles due to how white it wasn’t. In that regard, you could say I am a refugee of sorts. I came here in search of a better place; a whiter place. When I sought refuge in this state, I was assured Bozeman was the whitest city in Montana. I was assured Montana was one of the whitest states. I suppose I just didn’t travel far enough north.

Now, as spring sets its roots and what little whiteness remaining of this city and its mountains slowly but surely fade away, I must say goodbye to beauty. It’s a shame. No place looks as calmly beautiful as one nestled under a thick blanket of pristine, white snow.

-Chris Myers, Senior Snowflake