The Case for Zach Brown

Let me guess, you’re completely jaded by the presidential election. I can’t blame you. Which is why I’d like to turn your attention down ballot to Zach Brown, running for his second term as House District 63 representative.

In some ways, Brown represents a seemingly vanishing breed of public servants as party polarization increases and an unwillingness to compromise becomes more of a prerequisite for candidates. Luckily for the voters of HD63, it doesn’t have to vanish completely.

I am a 21 year-old economics and political science student at MSU learning that a desire for change has to be met with a certain level of understanding. I’ve watched Brown balance these traits while proving that the system doesn’t have to rely on a dog fight. Of course he’s passionate about public land access, student debt reform, environmental degradation and fiscal responsibility, but he also values working with those who may disagree with him in order to make progress. He views the state legislature as a channel in which reasonable solutions can be found not only by fighting, but also by listening.

To young people, outdoor enthusiasts, hunters, parents and anyone who values civility and integrity, Brown represents you. He’s brilliant and capable, but also cringes a bit every time he has to self-promote. He has a down-to-earth Montana charm and genuinely values hard work over recognition.

I encourage you to resist the cynicism that can come with politics. Likely, local government will affect your life more than the top of the ballot candidates, and Brown represents a lot of the components missing in this presidential election. Montana may not have much influence nationally, but the character of our state produces candidates like Brown who bring the heart and sensibility we all crave in our government.

Ryan Chauner

Senior, Economics and Political Science