In Defense of Generation Scapegoat

All too often millennials are faced with accusations of being lazy, disrespectful, selfish and the like. They are known as a generation lacking discipline, direction and merit. Rest in peace, America, you have been damaged beyond repair. Though, who is really to blame? According to so many, the faults of this country lay solely on the Millennial Generation, not the generations responsible for its upbringing; not the members of Congress or other political administrations chiefly composed of baby boomers and Gen Xers. Regardless of to whom blame can actually be attributed, the Millennial Generation is known as the catalyst expediting the degradation of America the (once) Great.

In all honesty, no generation is without its faults. Take the Greatest Generation for example. The Greatest Generation blatantly disregarded sexism, racism and a number of other social issues that had great adverse effects on marginalized groups. However, this generation will always be held in high regard for overcoming the Great Depression and for its contributions to the war. The Millennial Generation is young, too young to be justly criticized for any of the country’s malfunctions. This fact, however, only fuels the skepticism enshrouding the populace, as it is frequently stated that this generation as a whole lacks any significant accomplishments or contributions to society. Of course, the young, gun-toting privates (Millennials) of the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq are disregarded when reflecting on millennial contribution to the country.

Society is selective in its examination of the new generation because society has a very distinct perception of the millennial. The typical millennial is a whiny, politically correct, subversive, jobless college student with no aspirations of leaving Mom and Dad or paying off student debt. However, using unique millennials like hipsters or exaggerated, radical vegans as a basis of representation for the generation as a whole is no different than using members of the hippie or grunge cultures to wholly represent earlier generations. This is a faulty generalization, what philosophers refer to as “a fallacy of defective induction.” What this all means is that older generations are using invalid arguments to discount younger generations. Yet, where there is smoke, there is fire, right? There must be a reason behind the stereotype.

Why do millennials continue to live with their parents, jobless and indebted? Well, one reason may be that entrance into the middle class has seen some drastic limitations since the New Millennium. When China entered the World Trade Organization in 2001, baby boomers made a huge push for cost efficiency through outsourcing, ultimately displacing over 3 million American jobs by 2013. Though, that is just a small component of the Millennial stereotype. What about that whiny, politically correct, subversive nonsense; the same kind of nonsense that gave blacks the right to vote; the same kind of nonsense that led to the establishment of equal rights for women, decades after the United States forced Japan to consider their women equals? Currently, the United States is undergoing some of the most dramatic social changes in recent history, most of which can be attributed to that whiny, politically correct, subversive nonsense.

Nonetheless, millennials will remain, in the eyes of their predecessors, in the wrong. Their supposed lack of values has led to a perceived nation of self-entitled brats with a gross dependence on technology. This article, though written in response to biased accusations, will be chalked up as merely the complaints of another millennial. Yet, while standing in defense of the new generation may seem ineffectual, remain optimistic. Millennials are still young. So, when our predecessors boast about walking on the moon, tell them it will be a millennial who lands on Mars. When the elderly claim you are dependent upon technology, tell them likewise and threaten to disable their life support.

  • Well, one issue when it comes to many millennials is that no matter what side they are on politically, they always take it to crazy extremes. Whether they are social justice warrior types trying to shut down free speech, other whether they are alt right sociopaths… well.. that pretty much says it all.

    I honestly don’t blame any millennials for how they ended up that way though. I blame their parents.. be they my own Gen X… or Baby Boomers.