Thanks, Thanks and Ever Thanks

Why are we here? That is probably the question we’re all asking ourselves as we approach the most stressful time of the year: dead week and finals week. We can all probably agree that earning a degree is what motivated us to come to college, but I think we can also agree that the social aspect is what keep us here. Personally, the extracurriculars I’ve participated in have motivated me more than classes ever have, and I do not think I am alone in that.

As we release the last edition of the semester, I find myself reflecting on our fruitful and productive semester, pleased with the hard work of the Exponent staff. In my two and a half years with the Exponent, I have come across some of the most creative, hardworking and motivated people I’ve ever met. Every week, students from all majors contribute to the production of our paper. Every week, throughout canceled stories, late nights and printing troubles, we somehow surprise ourselves when we produce yet another edition.

We wouldn’t be where we are without the dedication and hard work of the 60 student workers and their terrific contributions to the Exponent. My extreme gratitude to the entire staff:

Managerial: Logan Henke, Ray Porter, Megan Bernhardt

News: Ted Weeks, Matt Williams, Julie Donagan,Seth Urick, David Atkinson, Ross Sellers, John Trapp, Lilly Brogger, Tyler Stitt, Tim Adams, Spenser Potter, Sam Hochhalter, Casey Sullivan

Opinion: Haley Cox, Alex Paterson, Chris Myers, Alex Lei, Elise Byle, Gerrit Egnew, Tiara Betchold

Sports: Davis Connelley, Ian Breuner, Will Hamel, Parker Webb, Theodore Grover, Andrew Waters, Patrick Allard, Nick Kasser

Culture: Brook Gardner-Durbin, Sabrina Hayes, Amy Gill, Kaycee Cronk, Adam Waldorf, Keegan Grady, Juliana Hart, Conor Glesner

Photography and Design: Nicole Smith, Rebecca Norman, Kelley Hall, Kira Nuebel, Chris Sandison, Biiancaa El Sa Yeoh, Colter Peterson, Tim Cass, Parker Fairey, Conor Glesner

Web Development and Multimedia: Xury Vanderway, Zach Marqua, Erick Hinsperger, Lukas Armstrong-Laird, William Backman, Dyland Albans, Colter Peterson, Mikaela Byers, Michael Petty

Advisor: Peter Fox

Special thanks to the members of the Publication Board for constantly providing us with support and assistance throughout the year.

With the upcoming commencement ceremony, we are losing two longtime writers and incredible Exponent contributors: Matt Williams and Will Hamel.

Matt Williams: Thank you for being a constant contributor to the Exponent the past four and a half years. You’ve provided the Exponent with fantastic news coverage with a specialty in crime writing, and you’ve even written a few fun culture articles, which typically involved reviewing wine and alcohol. Thank you for your sarcastic sense of humor that always lightens the mood (even when you so mercilessly aim that sarcasm at me).

Will Hamel: Thank you for providing Exponent readers with a weekly chuckle in the form of your column, Will’s World. Every week you provided us with a humorous, strange and an overall terrific read. We’ll miss your funny, yet awkward, jokes and interesting perspective on life.

We’ll miss you both more than words can express. Don’t forget about us as you embark on your undoubtedly successful post-graduation journey, and good luck with everything that you do.

Lastly, to the production night crew, thank you for being the best people to work with at 4 a.m. You guys are pure gold.

Editor’s Note: As you’ve probably noticed, this Exponent edition is a little different than our normal editions. We call this our “Hastily Illustrated Edition,” where instead of using photographs, everything is hand-drawn. The Hastily Illustrated edition has been an Exponent tradition and it falls on dead week for a reason; It gives us a chance to lighten the somber mood surrounding dead and finals week. After all, we’re students too and we understand how stressful dead and finals week can be, so hopefully this gives you at least a slight chuckle – even if you’re just laughing at our lack of artistic ability.