The Exponent Explained

Thanks for picking up the Montana State Exponent!

Now, take a good long look at the cover, smell that newsprint, and get used to the ink on your fingers because we’ll be here all school year. Daily online at, on stands every Thursday around MSU, we are an entirely student-run newspaper and our goal is to provide compelling coverage of our campus and community. Our staff attends everything from football games to student government meetings — along with the occasional explosion in Langford — to keep you, our fellow student, informed.

Need a good laugh? Read our police reports on page 4. Want tips on surviving freshman year? Check out one writer’s opinion on page 5. Never been to a football game before? Turn to page 24. Looking for a weekend adventure? Page 25 is the place to go.

This edition also features MSU Debut, a special 16-page section with activities and tips to help you get settled in your first weeks at college. We’ve provided campus entities such as Residence Life, Office of Activities and Engagement and ASMSU with a few pages in the middle of our paper to allow you to learn about these organizations in their own words. The section is a deviation from the norm for the Exponent in that the content is not our own.

We will resume our normal publication during the second week of school, so look for our edition on stands Thursday, Sept. 3. In the meantime, follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and even Snapchat for frequent updates.

Additionally, just like almost every other entity on campus at this time of year, the Exponent is recruiting. We are currently hiring photographers, writers, designers, videographers and sales representatives. Apply today in SUB 366 if you want to follow in a long-line of Exponenteers.

A very long line, in fact: the Exponent is one of the oldest organizations on campus and in our community. We’ve existed in some form or another since 1895, which makes us older (and hence cooler?) than the football team and the Montana Hall cow story and way older than Bridger Bowl and Big Sky. Previous Exponent teams launched a successful campaign to change Montana State’s mascot from the Aggies to the Bobcats (in 1916) and printed a photograph of a campus streaker (in 1982), making headlines as far away as New England.

Today, the Exponent is a diverse, 45-person team from all areas of campus. Some of us are members of the military; some of us play rugby; we hail from various social, economic and geographic backgrounds. Under normal conditions, we would likely never interact. Yet we are all united under the Exponent banner.

I cannot pretend to speak on anyone else’s behalf, but I am here because I believe that information empowers action. I am a shameless idealist, and I want my work to be impactful. If, by being a rallying place for information, the Exponent can enrich our community, then I am honored to be a part of it.

Do us the honor of reading it. And if you like what you read then apply to join our staff!