Time to Change the Game

When Gamers Paradise started, it made me worry. Worry that only after a few issues, it would be canceled and replaced. Now after it’s third year, my worry is replaced with hope. Working at The Exponent has shown me that there are great minds in all corners of life. People may have different interests but they can be smart enough to open their minds and appreciate someone else’s hobby or style. It’s with a sad yet hopeful feeling that I leave the newspaper office, because although I am leaving, I know it is in some of the greatest hands I have ever shaken.

Through my college years I developed a higher appreciation for the video games I played. Graduating with a BA in photography, I looked at games in more detail than I have ever done before. I was able to notice what the developers wanted you to see and experience as you progressed through the levels. I have gained a higher appreciation for art all around going to college and understand what all those love songs are about.

Going through college has also open my mind and belly. I have had some great discussions making me think differently about my morals as a person. I have also had new foods from attending MSU’s International Food Bazaar, changing my primary diet of pizza to Korean noodles. Probably the biggest lesson I learned from my years here is always have a plan. If you go to college without one, you might waste a lot of time and money. However, without being here I probably wouldn’t have found what I really wanted to do.

Lastly, I also think that going to college has changed my mind about how school systems are run. Schools are being treated like corporations rather than learning environment. They are more worried about pumping out high numbers than actually going through the time to teach. All that aside, I think, leaving college, I will have a positive outlook and debt. Lots of debt.