Champ: A Human Who Identifies as a Bobcat

I was reading through the Exponent at lunch today, and was more than a little surprised to read about plans for a live bobcat as MSU’s mascot so that “students will identify with the university and identify as a bobcat”. Hmm. Everyone dreaming this up presumably identifies as human being and is likely to remain one for the foreseeable future. The bobcat is, well, a bobcat. It is a fiercely solitary and shy little animal.  If you really want to make an actual bobcat’s life as unpleasant as possible, a great plan would be to drag it out of the wild, put it in a cage and occasionally parade it around in front of 10,000 amped-up people with a sound system that could part its fur. Despite not being an actual bobcat, I think I can guess what its vote on this would be. And just imagine if UM decides to follow suit!

Scott Creel

Dept. of Ecology