If This Were an Award Show…

If this were an award show, I’d get run off the stage.

The scene is a familiar one. The dazed new award-winner rushes to the front of the crowd, makes a cliché joke about the weight of the idol, blushes and embarks on a rambling speech while the audience maintains mock-friendly smiles. But talk too long and the orchestra swells, the microphone cuts out and the camera suddenly cuts away.

I’m not sure what happens to the rambler after this point, but I can only imagine it involves being repeatedly smacked with an oboe by the show’s host. The rambler only means well, of course, but the lack of concision is annoying to everyone, audience and viewers alike.

Still, I fully acknowledge that I would be that person.

I make this comparison not out of vanity — I have won no award and it’s really not like me to don a ballgown and strut my stuff on a red carpet. Instead, because I, like the rambler, have too many people to thank and not nearly enough time and space to do it in, especially now that I’ve wasted so much space with vague analogies.

This semester I’ve had the privilege of working closely with over 65 students on the Exponent staff. They are, from web developer to reporter, designer to ad sales representatives, an exceptional group of people.

They are the people who devote themselves to a common cause and are willing every week to give up hours of their already packed schedules to transform the paper from mere ideas to a tangible product. Without them the Exponent could not exist, and I am so proud of all that they have accomplished this semester.

Managerial: Cassia Wagner, Kristina Echols, Josh Hartmann

News: Erin Murdock, Mary Grandy, Matt Williams, Molly McGonigal, Karli Kusler, Ted Weeks, Seth Urick, Lilly Brogger, Tyler Stitt

Opinion:  Logan Henke, Colin Gaiser, Brandon Sladek, Greta Robinson, Sarah Gilkeson, Travis Luttrull, Kaya Patten

Sports: Megan Bernhardt, Davis Connelley, Will Hamel, Michael Ritchie, Lizzy Narigon, Ian Breuner, John Pankratz

Culture: Brook Gardner-Durbin, Denver Jones, Brittany Horton, Sabrina Hayes, Conor Glesner, Raymond Porter, Sampo Hall, Amy Gill, Elias Horat

Photography and Design: Nicole Smith, Rebecca Norman, Sonja Benton, Trevor Nelson, Christy Jacobson, Conor Glesner, Biiancaa Yeoh, Roger Miller, Kira Nuebel, Chris Sandison, Kelley Hall, Melissa Livingston, Paula Rowe

Web Development and Multimedia: Rishad Bharucha, Xury Vanderwey, Dalton Stephens, Colter Olmstead, Adam Sanders, Zach Marqua

Adviser: Peter Fox

Special thanks must also be given to members of the Exponent Publication Board as well as Martha Joh Reeder and her classes for being willing to take a chance on us. The Exponent is deeply indebted to them.

Though I cannot give the space to each person on my staff to properly thank them, these individuals, graduating this December, deserve special recognition from both the Exponent and myself.


Kristen Ingman

Kristen Ingman is quite simply the nicest person I know. Her name hasn’t appeared much in the Exponent this past year — a consequence of her busy life and studies abroad — but her influence remains eminent at the paper. As news editor from 2012-2013, she taught me not only nearly everything I know about news writing, but also how to communicate when in a management position, how to copy edit and a much deeper appreciation for cats. She is a talented writer and photographer, but I’ll most miss her contagious laugh and late-night sociology discussions.


Colin Gaiser

Colin Gaiser mostly works for the paper as an opinion columnist, but in his four years at the paper, he has also served as reporter, news editor and editor-in-chief. We have been through a lot together, Colin and I, good times, bad times, and all the other in-between times . Through it all he has maintained incomparable grace, eloquence, passion and talent, and I am so proud to call him a friend. His only true fault, as far as I can tell, is his deep appreciation of puns and wordplay. But I suppose we can look past this and wish him all the luck in the world.


Trevor Nelson

When you look up “multi-talented” in the dictionary, Trevor Nelson’s picture is listed. Or at least it should be. Already holding a master’s degree in architecture, he will soon be able to boast an additional degree in photography. At the Exponent he has displayed similar deftness, working as a designer, photographer, advertising sales representative, paper distributor and art director. More than just his ability to tackle any task in front of him, he is a wise and kind person who takes immense pride in his work. He also probably has the best taste in music on staff, and the office will seem empty and quiet without him.