Letter to the Editor: Vote Amanda Curtis

I support Amanda Curtis for U.S. Senate 2014 and I hope you will as well. Unlike her opponent Steve Daines, Amanda is not a millionaire that is completely out of touch with the working class. Amanda summed it up perfectly by saying in reference to her opponent. “…at some point, I think you stop paying attention to how much it costs to fill up your car with gas. This is something I still think about.” Her analogy is spot on. Amanda is 34 and a math teacher that is still paying off her student loan debt; she understands what it is like to struggle each month to make ends meet.

In reference to Steve Daines and his wealth, there is nothing wrong with being wealthy in this country; it is part of the “American Dream.” However, why is it that he gets to be more entitled than the rest of us? You would think a public servant who has plenty to spare would not vote to cut food stamps for those who don’t have as much as him. You would think that he wouldn’t want to auction our public lands off to the highest bidder. Lastly, you would think he would want to give others the opportunity to the American Dream, instead of voting to cut Pell grants, hurting students in need of financial assistance. That doesn’t sound like much of a public servant to me.

Amanda Curtis is what a public servant should be. She is in touch with the majority and  understands what we all go through. Her life story is a nuanced story and therefore is a real story. She is a real person that needs to represent real people in D.C.

Vote  Amanda Curtis November 4th and let’s begin to change what type of politicians we elect.



Jordan  Larsen

Film & Business Marketing