Letter to the Editor: Let’s start changing D.C.

I had the fantastic opportunity to be one of the few people in the state to vote on the approval for Amanda Curtis to run for the U.S. Senate seat. It was an honor to cast my vote in support of her and it was been a pleasure to watch her work endlessly for Montana values. She is a real advocate for this wonderful state and has the opportunity to be and even greater advocate if sent to the U.S. Senate.

I voted in support of Amanda Curtis because she is one of us. She is a math teacher, a community member, and a person of values that stands up for what she believes in. She is not backed by large influxes of dark money; instead she is supported by a grassroots movement of people all across Montana. She came bursting out of the gates ready to go to work, because she understand the values that are important to people like us, such as affordable healthcare, student debt, and open access.

Amanda took a leave from her job as a teacher to run for this senate seat, being 34 she understands the financial hardships that people of our age go through for she still had student loan debt from attaining her education at Montana Tech in Butte. Her family has faces struggles like any other family in Montana and has dealt with issues such as poverty, alcoholism, and mental illness. The difference between Amanda and her opponent is Amanda is not afraid to talk about these issues, because she understands how important it is to have these conversations.

I hope you will join me come November, 4th and vote for Amanda Curtis for U.S. Senate. She cares and understands what you and I go through, and will fight for us!

-Justin Ailport