Opinion: The Social Benefits of Tinder

The world of apps is a dog eat dog world, some rise to the challenge of success while others fall short of victory. When it comes to social apps, there is a wide variety to choose from, either owned by big name companies like Facebook, or a part of larger dating websites as Match.com or Plenty of Fish. Until recently, nothing had taken over app stores by storm, until a magical app called Tinder emerged.

In the early days of 2012 on the campus of University of Southern California, Tinder was used as a way for college kids to meet up and socialize from the comforts of their own dorm. Two years and some changes later, according to Business Insider, Tinder is a $1 billion thought turned gold with over 10 million regular users. With 50 million matches and growing more by the minute, it’s safe to say Tinder has taken the nation by social storm. Apart from the business numbers and how much money the creator (Sean Rad) has stuffed into his pockets, Tinder has turned out to be a breath of fresh air from the established, more well-known social giants.

Tinder is the most user friendly social app to date. Once downloaded, the user can connect to their Facebook and instantly be connected to the Tinder world. No, they will not post to your wall, so your secret attractions will stay hidden from friends and family. All you need to do is add pictures, go to the main page, and swipe away. Swipe left for no, right for yes and so on and so forth until that magical moment of “Congratulations you have a new match” appears on the screen.

At this point, one usually jumps in the air, calls their friends and plans on a future of not being lonely as the user has matched with someone that also found him or her attractive. That is part of the appeal of Tinder: you cannot message random people, or get messages from people you have no desire to ever meet, like other social sites. Instead, a person has to swipe right on you as well. Once the match is made, message away. If the both of you think there is a connection or want to hang, the rest is for the both of you to decide.

Tinder is a great way to meet people from the comforts of your own couch in your nice warm snuggie. There is no pressure from unwanted individuals — only the people you like that like you back can talk to you. If you have a hard time talking to girls/guys in public, hop on Tinder and watch as you match up to tons of people with the same interests as you. Safety is always the first thought when it comes to online social apps since most people do not want to use them because of the lack of safety measures in place. Only being able to talk to people you have an interest in boosts the safety factor of Tinder higher than any other app to date.

Even with all its easy to use features and although it’s a great way to meet people, Tinder gets a bad reputation. People assume Tinder is just a hook-up app when in fact the creators have stated it was created as a social oriented app to meet new people. Being on a large campus, people are sometimes socially overwhelmed or don’t have the courage to get up and talk to people. Seeing hundreds of people every day walking around, not knowing what they like or are interested in, can put a damper on making that first move in socializing. That’s the joy of Tinder. You already know what that person likes, you find them interesting and they feel the same way back. It isn’t the perfect app and you sometimes run into a few “not what I was expecting” types of people, but you can determine that while sitting in your house or car, instead of at the bar or on a date.

Tinder is a great app and a good way to meet people in an easy way. Who knows, you could just meet someone that turns out to be a great friend or more, so what are you waiting for? Try it out and experience the social world of Tinder.