The Montana State University Experience

Every year, all around the world, waves of incoming university students pack their belongings and say goodbye to family and friends to venture forth into freshman year. Each of the thousands of universities all over the world offers an unique experience and environment that will become home for every student at that school. Montana State University is no exception.

University life thrives in Bozeman. From the research labs all the way to the crest of the highest slope at Bridger Bowl, the university environment at MSU is surely a unique one. Yet what each student will realize as they walk the halls of campus is that going to a university is about more than just how great the environment is and how good the programs are. It is an opportunity to shape your education and perspective to however you see fit. It is your chance to create an experience and a life that is all your own.

Academics are of course the main focus at MSU, as with any institution aimed at helping students develop the skills needed to make great contributions to the world. Whether you aspire to be an engineer, have a business career, or be a nurse, the academic experience at MSU allows you to follow your interests and your intuition. You can learn as much as you want to learn and explore as much as you want to explore. Some students even bring their books with them on hikes in the surrounding mountains, looking for a peaceful place to study for their next exam.

At MSU, you will find boundless opportunity to do whatever you want to do, in terms of both academics and social life. The university has numerous clubs to join, and each can provide the opportunity to make lasting changes in the world. From Engineers Without Borders, a club that does water and sanitation work in rural Kenya, to the International Business Club, a club that immerses you in the language of global business, to the Global Culture Club that celebrates cultural diversity around the world and here in Bozeman, the clubs at MSU are energetic and intellectual as well as an integral part of university life.


Getting involved is as simple as attending a pizza party on your floor or sending an email to an interesting professor. At MSU, the professors, advisors and students know that education is about more than just reading a textbook and taking exams. They know, and they will teach you to know, that learning at a university isn’t about taking a certain set of classes and then walking away with a fancy paper in your hand. College is about pursuing your interests and meeting numerous friends and colleagues along the way. Whether you fancy yourself as a chemical engineering student working on carbon nanostructures or a business student working on a tourism project in Mongolia, there is a seemingly endless number of opportunities to get involved, make memories, and grow as a student and young adult.

MSU is teeming with energetic, intellectual minds. Here you will find yourself in classes full of like-minded people. You will make friendships that last a lifetime, friendships centered around the interests that you develop throughout your college career. Fraternity and Sorority Life thrives at the university, with numerous chapters for students to join. Numerous study groups exist as well, many of which seem to be spontaneously created during finals week. Whether it is bringing coffee to the library where your study group is focused on rocking tomorrow’s final exam, or rafting down the river with some friends from a club or the fraternity or sorority chapter you joined, the people that you meet at MSU will help shape the best years of your life.

Enrollment at MSU keeps rising every year, testament to the superiority of its programs, people and way of life. Pervasive campus developments signify the university’s momentum. From the new Jake Jabs College of Business and Entrepreneurship building, to the plans for the new College of Engineering building, to the new dormitory about to begin construction, MSU is at the forefront of education and the forefront of the college experience. Every year, all around the world, waves of incoming university students pack their belongings and say goodbye to their family and friends to venture forth into freshman year. And every year, thousands of students arrive at the steps of Montana State University.