I Don’t Care about Cat/Griz

Every ticket for the Cat/Griz game, student or otherwise, is sold out. This weekend, 18,000 people will congregate in Bobcat Stadium for the hotly anticipated annual matchup. To put that in perspective, the population of Bozeman sits at just 30,000. That’s 60 percent of the city crowded into one place. Sounds like a pretty big deal, right?

Well, not to me.

Bobcat Football has been something I never honestly cared about while attending MSU. Go ahead, accuse me of having no school spirit. I have attended exactly one game in my 4 and a half years here; only because my mother told me I had to, or she wouldn’t help me pay for tuition. It was incredibly boring. While I do occasionally find people’s game day gear to be hilarious, especially Exponent sports writer Nate Orlowski’s scary nun mask, I think it all to be rather ridiculous. What’s the big deal about a football game that makes people want to get hammered and scream like howler monkeys in heat?

Then there’s this Cat/Griz game. I understand why there is a rivalry; the University of Montana is the only other major university in the state, so there is the drive to prove who is Montana’s best. This instills an odd sense of something to prove in both student bodies, despite the fact that 0.3 percent of the student body of both schools actually participate in the game. There are students who make the effort to attend every season home game, just to have an early shot at the tickets. Regular seating tickets are currently running for $175 on Craigslist. This was my only interest in the game; I wanted to snag a student ticket and scalp it for a pretty penny. Unfortunately, technology issues prevented this opportunistic scheme. I will just have to settle for the Doctor Who fiftieth anniversary special on Saturday.

As I see everyone celebrating acquisition of their tickets, I have to ponder what is so appealing about standing in a stadium packed tighter than a Tokyo subway car, and screaming at the Griz fans across the field. The bars in town will probably be just as raucous. What exactly do we gain if we win? What do we lose if the Grizzlies win? I suppose pride and bragging rights, but that can be taken away just as quickly come next year. The trouble to get tickets alone sounds like it is not worth the effort.

Don’t let me rain on your parade, though. Go enjoy your shouting match with the Missoula kids. There’s something you get out of the game that I don’t, so soak it all in. It at least makes more sense than attending the Zac Brown Band concert, so that’s something.