Why Wouldn’t Club Sports be Allowed to Use the Logo?

By now we all aware of the proposed idea to take away the Bobcat logo from student-organized clubs, specifically sports. I agree to a point. If a student club focuses on math, video games or environmental issues, there is no reason it should be used. The issue at hand is taking the privilege to wear the logo away from MSU’s sports clubs who have earned the right to wear it.

I play for the MSU Men’s Lacrosse team. We are a club sport and pay dues to play. The dues are expensive and include everything from our uniforms, warm up gear, helmets, gloves and the most expensive part: traveling. We take a bus (that we paid for) all over the western United States, including Washington, Idaho, Utah and Colorado, staying in hotels as we go. The team has established in 2003 and we continue to grow and improve every year.

The argument has been made repeatedly that Montana State is trying to uphold its image and logo misuse would negatively affect that image. The two main clubs affected are the rugby and lacrosse teams, the two largest non-varsity sports at MSU. Formerly the Bozeman Badgers, the rugby team was granted permission to use it this upcoming season, only to have it immediately taken away. Nothing negative has come of non-varsity sports teams wearing our school’s logo. Not only is it good advertising for the college, it also instills a sense of pride for the players.

Ed McKenna, advisor the for the rugby club said, “The one thing connecting faculty, administration and students is that we’re all Bobcats and we should all be represented by one logo.” Why should people who go out there multiple times a week to train, practice and represent a college they pay thousands of dollars to attend be shunned from the pride and glory that surrounds the Bobcats logo simply because there isn’t a varsity program for their sport?

ASMSU President Lindsay Murdock made a statement about the logo that reiterates her stance on the issue. “I think that if there’s a strict application process and a set amount of time for clubs to prove themselves they should be able to use the logo,” she said. “Similar to the budgeting process, if clubs are established and have a good track record, they should be able to apply.”

Murdock continued, “Once they’ve gone through this training they use the logo and should anything happen that damages the logos name or is damaging to the university then they have that privilege suspended for ‘x’ amount of years.This allows for quality control, but is also fair to the clubs.”

There are 213 teams in the Men’s Collegiate Lacrosse Association (MCLA) where Montana State operates in lacrosse. You’re telling me that out of all of those teams that use their school’s logo, MSU is somehow inept?

I believe anyone making an opinion that matters should either be the president of Club Sports, a player of a club sport or someone involved in athletics. This has nothing to do with “appearance” or “representing and misusing the logo.” It has to come down to money in some way or another. It always does, and the students and players are on the receiving end.