Gold Rush hijinks feckless and appalling

Last Thursday, over 20,000 gold-clad people crammed into Bobcat stadium for the first game of the season. For those in, next to or within earshot of the student section, you’re aware that our underclassmen managed to put on the most disgusting display of ingenuous aggression I’ve ever seen. From vulgar sexist slurs and detailed threats of rape to a disrespectful “F— the Griz” shout-out during a moment of silence before the national anthem, our freshmen fans made sure everyone knew what an immature group of inebriated game-goers we are.

Playful banter and smack talk has always been a sport spectator staple, but in an uneasy trend, it seems to become more crude and mean-hearted every year. It’s time someone said it: Folks, we’re becoming Griz fans. The clever quips have gone by the wayside and have been drowned out by the unimaginative, nasty and profanity-laden screams of last week.

Beyond distracting, the intense and pervasive intoxication amongst first-years at Gold Rush was repugnant and abhorrent. While I have no problem with imbibing a bit before the game, by the end of the first quarter at least three people had vomited and two unconscious girls had been carried past me. This reflects badly on all of us, not just those limp and groaning individuals who were gracelessly dragged down the packed bleachers.

Students of all ages participated in this obnoxious behavior, but it was pretty clear that the primary annoying demographic was freshmen. Away from home for the first time, outside of normal supervision, it’s age-old. But what we saw on game day was unacceptable and shouldn’t be tolerated by the rest of us. While I hate to associate myself with all of those loathsome freshmen I saw at the game whining for more tequila, they represent this university as much as I do. They’re still MSU students – that is, assuming they can sober up for their exams.