Letter to the Editor: Improve ASMSU Presidential Debates

Politics: Just another way to waste time and money that could be used to better something or someone. My fees are being used for a couple of people to fight for the power to control the student body. Why would I want to go and see a show where two people are putting each other down and boasting about how much better they are than their opponents? I have better things to do.

Today, for the first time, I went to a political debate. I went to see if my biases about presidential campaigns were true. I am sorry to say that my beliefs and biases proved true.

At the opening of the debate Mr. Haskell seemed obligated to correct Ms. Murdock for a silly mistake. For most of the remaining time Mr. Haskell and Mr. Rowe tried their best to humiliate their opponents and glorify themselves. Although towards the end, Mr. Haskell admitted to initiating a failed proposal.

I approached the moderator and asked, “Why do you ask the audience for questions, when you have your own agenda?”. I then told him, “This is why I don’t come to things like this, it’s my first time and I did not like it. For next year’s debate I might get involved in the beginning and maybe have a better understanding, but I am not happy.” He replied, “Thank you for sharing this with me, I want to improve and I will take it into consideration.” His words gave me some hope.

On March 5th I will vote. First impressions are hard to forget.

Clemente Arciga