An Abundance of Grinches

Bozeman can be considered a somewhat mellower microcosm of the Grinch-inspired environment that consumes the nation during holiday season. The minute the snow starts falling and the Black Friday advertisements appear in the Bozeman Daily Chronicle, drivers turn into maniacal hazards who have no sense of road conditions, let alone freezing pedestrians who must walk on days when the Streamline bus system does not run. With the right clothing, walking around Bozeman in the winter would be an enjoyable and efficient task were it not for the behavior that closely resembles gopher hunting — except with SUVs and pedestrians instead of gophers and shotguns. As a pedestrian, it is a disheartening and dangerous experience to walk around Bozeman during the holiday season. Why is it so hard for people to understand that driving irresponsibly makes them look like jerks, and that this isn’t an appealing image?

The holiday season is meant to be about kindness, humanity, family and benevolence. But, it turns out that as long as your blue and gold attired family is safely packed inside your Escalade, it is okay to make pedestrians stop in oncoming traffic just so that you can turn right on red and get to the game thirty seconds earlier. Drivers should put their behavior in perspective and embrace some of the holiday spirit to make the roads safer for everyone.