Letter: MSU Needs Cigarette Receptacles

In the Oct. 4 edition of the Exponent there was an opinion letter published in regards to respectful tobacco use that rubbed me wrong in a few ways. First and foremost is the assumption that all smokers are created equal. While I agree that there are some who are inconsiderate to the point of being rude, not every smoker falls into this category. A lot of us do our best to respect the boundaries of others and try to minimize the impact of our tobacco use both environmentally and socially. When the smoking ban was enacted on campus, I honestly didn’t have a problem with it. I have been a smoker for 10 years and even though I smoke myself, I disliked being around people who were smoking in between or before classes. I completely understand the addiction that leads to this, but I think a certain notion of etiquette should exist when smoking around nonsmokers.

That said, when the ban was enacted, what did you expect? The people who smoked before the ban are still smoking; the only difference is where they are doing it. The natural place for us to go is on the outskirts of campus. Before, when smoking was allowed on campus, I could smoke my cigarette and throw the butt into a receptacle. Just because I smoke doesn’t mean I have a flagrant disregard for propriety; I hate the idea of throwing a butt on the ground just as much as you hate seeing it there. The solution is simple: smokers are now congregating on the outskirts of campus, so place receptacles where people smoke.  Problem solved.

Katherine Hart
Junior in Experimental Psychology