Be Respectful with Tobacco Use

It’s been almost a month since the Fall 2012 semester started and MSU’s tobacco
ban came into effect. I have been a part-time student since 2009 working with others on this ban. On top of my concern for the health and well-being of my fellow peer students, past and future, my main focus was on the environmental degradation this type of litter presents.

Upon this ban coming into effect, we knew there would still be those who use tobacco products. What saddens me is these people are now impacting the boundaries of the banned areas with little regard to the physical space around them, which are our neighbors.

I am appreciative of my education and this university, but I am ashamed and embarrassed that the students and/or possibly even faculty and staff couldn’t rise to the occasion, and act respectfully and responsibly with their use of tobacco.

Here are some possible solutions:
— Set up receptacles in the areas bordering banned areas
— Offer pocket ashtrays to those students, faculty and staff who don’t want to quit using  tobacco
— Place litter signage on borders of banned areas

Melinda Peirce
Junior in Liberal Studies — Environmental focus