Not Just Thursdays Anymore: Introducing the New

As I sit at my desk writing this, I am exhausted. Tonight marked the completion of a five-month long reinvention of the Exponent’s online identity, and with it the dawn of a new era of journalism for our 117 year-old paper. Certainly the challenge, long hours and frustration-induced hair removal was well worth it: Rising out of the thousands of lines of code which act as our virtual printing press is, a feature-rich, visually-appealing website designed with our readers in mind.

Journalism has taken a sharp turn in the last decade. Newsprint and tabloids are being and have been replaced with websites and Ipads, and the way in which we expect information to be presented to us has forever changed. A campus newspaper, more than any other, must be able to provide content in ways that fit into the technology-driven lives of the students they serve. (Except at UM, because there are hipsters everywhere.) I am pleased to say that the Exponent has joined the digital front.

Our new site provides not only all the content from our print edition, but also online exclusive material including breaking news stories, videos, photo galleries and other web-enriched features. The first thing you’ll notice upon arriving at is that there is content, and a lot of it. We know you don’t want to dig around to find the stories that matter to you the most, which is why our front page shows all the content we think will appeal most to MSU and the community.

You will also see pictures, and a lot of them, too. The best part of digital journalism is the ability to augment the written word with multimedia. A picture can tell much more than 1,000 words when it’s paired with an actual 1,000-word story. One of our core values at is to include as much visual content as possible.

As the Online Editor, I truly hope you are able to make use of and enjoy our new online presence, and I welcome any and all feedback and ideas. If you like what you find, consider bookmarking our page to stay on top of MSU’s campus news. Stay tuned for new features, exclusive content, a mobile site and Exponent app — all headed your way as soon we can get them to you. The Exponent has gone digital today, and will go wherever is necessary to stay at the forefront of college media.