Pay attention!

Some students and faculty think bicycling on campus is dangerous, and maybe shouldn’t be allowed. I, however, think bicycling on campus is a right that I love to exercise daily (pun intended). The most dangerous thing on campus in regard to transportation between classes — whether it be walking, biking, scootering, crutching or running — is looking hypnotically down at a cell phone. Seriously, the majority of people I see walking on campus are talking on their phone, texting or staring at it hoping someone will contact them. Meanwhile, another person is walking toward them with the same disregard for those around them, the two bump into each other, and then get run over by a bike. If transportation on MSU’s campus is going to become safer, it’s going to be through people paying attention to what they’re doing. Be aware of the 14,000 other students surrounding you trying to make it to class safely.