Letter: Football Pass fee Headache

I think the “buddy passes” to the football games are great. Taking my dad to a game reminds me of my childhood, when my parents were non-traditional students at MSU. As is common knowledge, buying tickets at a “convenient” location (other than the box office) incurs a fee, and what’s sillier about the buddy passes is that you must also pay $2 for printing the ticket at home.

However, this week when I went through the system online, I paid the fees and the print-at-home ticket never reached my e-mail. I called the customer support hotline and they told me I had to go to the box office. So I paid these people $4.50 in fees to not go to the box office, then had to go to the box office. I requested the fee money back, but the student employee was less than helpful.

I feel cheated by this dishonesty. I paid for a service I did not receive — one that TicketsWest knew I wouldn’t receive. I hope the university can quickly remedy this situation with their ticket service provider or consider working with a different company.

— Thomas Blake, senior in statistics