The Do’s and Dont’s of Being a Freshman in Bozeman

1) First of all, please DON’T bike at high speeds on the sidewalks of 11th Avenue. It is perfectly safe to bike on the street itself!

2) Bozeman has lots of street parking, without any parking meters. DON’T abuse this privilege by parking such that the space between you and the car behind you is too small for another car.

3) DO recycle! Recycling is not just a hippy trend, many people do it and there is no reason not to. Recycling bins can be found all over campus.

4) DO deal with any and all unfortunate roommate situations. Having a bad roommate can make anyone’s year miserable.

5) On the other hand, DON’T be a bad roommate. Remembering your keys, showering regularly, putting on deodorant and not smoking in your room are some of the easiest tasks in the world.

6) DON’T feel guilty being anti-social when it comes to Residence Life activities. Instead, find some places and activities you love in Bozeman and invite your new friends to join you.

7) Hiking in Bozeman is much nicer in the fall than in the summer, so DO take advantage of nearby trails. Leverich Canyon (once the fires stop), Drinking Horse Mountain and Sypes Canyon are all relatively close to campus, and have fantastic views at the top. Bozeman has a fascination with hiking to the “M.” Even in the most horrible weather, a few persistent Subarus will be parked at the bottom of the “M” trail; however, all of the above-mentioned trails are much prettier.

8) When there is a concert at the Fieldhouse, please DON’T run around wasted in front of the Hedges dorms in your mini denim shorts — this is the height of trashy. Run around in the Roskie fields, where the rest of the world can’t see you.

9) Bozeman, believe it or not, has a fair number of live music shows and performing arts groups. We have an opera company, a symphony, several dance companies and tons of free faculty and student recitals at Reynolds Recital Hall (across from the duck pond), as well as $2 movies at The Procrastinator Theatre (in the SUB). Most of these events take place within walking distance of downtown restaurants, making them perfect for dates.

11) DO explore the parks that are farther from campus – Kirk Park, the East Gallatin Recreation Area and the Cherry Creek wetlands are beautiful, as well as less crowded than Bozeman’s downtown parks.

10) DO wear your MSU key lanyard around your neck if you want everyone to instantly mark you as a freshman and treat you accordingly.

11) DON’T give up on MSU right away if you have a rough first semester. Do whatever you can to improve your experience before deciding to leave, whether it means switching dorms, meeting with professors, or spending most of your time off campus at the Humane Society visiting the puppies and kittens.