Police Reports: March Mischief

On Jan. 1, a barking dog was reported. After searching, an officer made the resolution that there was no dog to be found.

On Jan. 9, after multiple misdials of 911, officers were left puzzled over how the numbers “9” and “1” are so often dialed together despite being on different sides of the dialing pad.

On Jan. 17, an individual repeatedly dialed 911 and hung up with no emergency to be found. Along with hand-cuffs, firearm and taser, officers now carry “The Boy Who Cried Wolf” for teaching moments with those who accidentally dial 911.

On Jan. 18, it was reported a pillow had caught fire. The owner of the pillow told officers, “some mornings, I’m putting out fires left and right but this is really next-level stuff.”

On Jan. 19, an individual was found sleeping on a fire-escape stairwell. “I’m Batman,” he told an officer. He was cited for trespassing and escorted off the stairwell.

On Jan. 20, university police were tipped off to profanity written in the snow. An officer took a report and called it a night, banking on the next snowstorm to clean up the dirty word.

On Jan. 21, suspicious individuals were reported to be trespassing in the BART farm building. Officers found they had approval to be inside the building.

On Feb. 4, an individual thought they were getting scammed and called university police to be sure. An officer affirmed that they were being scammed.

On Feb. 7, an individual reported receiving unwanted phone calls. University police could relate.


On Feb. 17, an officer spoke with an individual who had been reported as suspicious. “You mind being a little less suspicious?” the officer asked him. “You’re making people nervous.” The individual was surprisingly understanding and stopped being suspicious.

On March 14, a group of individuals was caught damaging bicycles. The act grinded the police’s gears.