Annual Almost “Spring” Job and Internship Fair comes to campus

The 13th Annual Almost “Spring” Job and Internship Fair came to MSU on Feb. 15, with networking events the day before and follow-up interviews on Feb. 16. A broad spectrum of 153 organizations, nonprofits and high-tech companies participated in the fair, coming from all over the country. Over 30 of these organizations went on to interview students on Feb. 16. The fair provides students an opportunity to have face time with these organizations, network and potentially secure internships and full-time positions.

Erin McCormick, Associate Director of Career Services, said attending the fair “is time well spent. When an employer has a large number of resumes that come in for their application, they know and can flag those applicants that they’ve met at career fairs.”

McCormick also emphasized that the fair is not for graduating seniors only. “We recommend attending early in your academic career because you will develop those relationships, and those recruiters will remember you,” she said. “Many recruiters will actually accept you as a freshman or a sophomore because you can continue to come back to them over time.” Statistically speaking, nationwide, the number one reason students are hired after college full-time is their internship experience on their resume.

The success rates of the fair can be seen with employment after graduation. According to the 2016 Career Destination Survey, 74 percent of MSU graduates were employed full time, with 63-65 percent of students staying in state after graduation.

McCormick recommends that, for future job fairs, students do research on the attending organizations, which can be done with the app Career Fair Plus. Also, being prepared with a resume and a professional appearance is essential to make a good first impression. From there, attend the fair and ask engaging questions. “Just walk in the door and get a feel for the event,” she said.

There is also a fall career fair that takes place every October, offering the same opportunities and usually with many of the same organizations in attendance.