Food, fun and fundraising

The 35th Annual International Food Bazaar was back for another successful year. The Office of International Programs hosted this annual fundraiser for cultural clubs on campus. On Saturday, Feb. 3 the SUB was home to this collection of fun cuisine. An assortment of clubs, such as Foreign Exchange and Study Abroad, showed up to cook up something tasty, interact with the community and raise funding.

The atmosphere felt like a street bazaar where anyone could find something they loved while walking down the rows of international culture and cuisine. Everyone in the Bozeman community was invited to join in on the festivities, and MSU students got in for free. Once inside, food tickets were available for purchase, encouraging everyone to walk around and try something. Each booth could sell food items for up to six tickets per item or plate (each ticket was $1). The cultural experience was enhanced through colorful attire along with inviting music and dancing that differed from booth to booth.

“This is so fun,” Anna Jurovich, a sophomore studying nursing who attended the event, said. “I wish more cultural events like this were available for MSU students.”

Over 25 different countries were represented, and over 50 different food items presented. Those who joined in on the celebration could grab a tray to collect as many diverse dishes as possible or try one at a time.

Seating was available in Union Market and in the SUB Ballrooms surrounding the main event. Each booth represented a unique country, run either by a group of visiting students from that country, a club on campus which appreciates that country’s culture or both. Each booth was run by a different group of MSU students or organizations excited to share their international expertise with the whole Bozeman community.

Each year, this fundraiser welcomes more than 3,000 patrons of all ages who show up to be immersed in a unique dining experience. This event happens every year, and the Office of International Programs hosted yet another year of great fun and excellent food.

Montana State students from Ghana serve traditional cuisine from their home country to students and community members inside a packed and vibrant Strand Union Ballroom in Bozeman, Mont. on Saturday, Feb. 03, 2018. Photo by Braeden Roesler / MSU Exponent