New addition coming to MSU campus

For those interested in a new living situation, there is a brand new dorm in the works. The university help an open forum to discuss the plans to the new dormitory on Jan. 18, 2018.

The plan is to build the new dorm on the northwest side of campus near the Animal Bio Science buildings, and the dorm will be replacing the Antelope lot. Although it will be taking away a whole parking lot, the university is planning on adding 325 parking spaces this summer, with the construction starting in May. The new spaces are likely going to be added to the Bison Lot, located in the northern part of campus near Family Housing.

“It’s a location we really had to study because it’s on the edge of campus,” explained the SMA Architects opening the forum. “We had to look at how it affected the students on campus as well as the greater community. We wanted to make student interaction our top priority.”

The new residence hall is going to consist of two wings joined by a communal hub space or walkway. The six-story building will be able to house 480 students in the upper five stories, with 48 beds in every floor of each wing. Additionally, the upper five stories will each have active student areas, quiet study places and a community living room.

Each floor of the building is designed to meet the individual needs of the people living in the dorm. The first floor is designed to strengthen the MSU student community. It will include a “living staircase,” which can be transformed into study spaces, a theater or a hangout location. Through this concept, the university is promoting student interactions in new ways. The first floor also has a TV lounge with a kitchen, spaces for bike storage and a multipurpose room which can be split into three smaller rooms if needed.

The second, third, fourth and sixth floors are connected with an open lounge area. Because the upper floors are designed as the dorm space, there is less lounge space in either wing.

There will be another public forum in a few weeks with the time and date to be announced. Once these details are solidified, you will be able to find the date, time and place in the MSU calendar, found at: