Montana Mondays features farm-fresh foods

In the Union Market, a featured meal is available every “Montana Monday.” Last week, lamb lentil curry was served, including MSU-grown ingredients from the College of Agriculture. “The dish was a big hit, so we decided to place it back on the menu,” Kara Landolfi, MSU’s Farm to Campus Coordinator, said. The Union Market has taken this opportunity to present new local foods from Montana for students weekly.


“Our farm to campus efforts are continually growing, with $1.5 million spent on Montana sourced foods last year alone. We hope to ignite excitement in our students about MSU’s efforts to incorporate local foods by specifically showcasing items that are produced throughout the state,” Landolfi continued.


To try new locally-grown food from Montana, venues are available in the SUB, the Fork in the Road food truck and in the dining halls. These meals are also found at the concessions during football games and catering events at MSU.

The SUB Union Market proudly offers Montana sourced food for its lunch menu. Photo by Megan Hansen / MSU Exponent