Finding Balance: a discussion on priorities

The MSU Leadership Institute recently hosted a presentation and workshop titled “Finding Balance: Maintaining motivation in a busy world.” The presentation, which took place on Monday, Oct. 30 in SUB ballroom B, was created and executed by Carmen McSpadden, the director of the MSU Leadership Institute, and Danielle Daley, a student member of the institute. The event was sponsored by the Jake Jabs College of Business and ASMSU.


The presentation portion of the schedule focused on the specific experiences of its two presenters, junior Micah McFeely and the College of Business Dean, Kregg Aytes. McFeely and Aytes focused on their solutions to various time management problems in three specific subject areas. The areas that the presenters chose to focus on included priority management, personal efficiency and attaining satisfaction within personal and professional life. At the end of each section, the audience was given a chance to use their own knowledge and experiences to discuss the most recent topic in pairs. Other notable parts of the presentation included a short video interview of Dewitt Jones, a National Geographic photographer, and talks on how learning baseline values, learning how to say “no,” and learning how to set boundaries can help you organize your life.