Celebrating the impact and influence of Indian culture

By: Collin Hays


MSU’s Indian Student Association (ISA), along with the Diversity Awareness Office, held their 10th annual India Night in SUB Ballroom A. The association treated students and Bozeman residents to a brief presentation showing Indian culture through videos, traditional dances and authentic cuisine. The event took place Oct. 28.


The Indian national anthem began the event, and, as is tradition in Indian culture, a dance praying to Lord Ganesha.


The director of the Diversity Awareness Office, Ariel Donohue, along with the dean of the College of Arts and Architecture, Royce Smith, both spoke of the admiration they had for ISA’s commitment to MSU’s mission of cultivating a culturally diverse and inclusive campus.

After showing a couple of videos highlighting the beauty of their country, the presenters with the ISA explained how India is an extremely diverse country, with over 400 different languages and dialects. They described how India is separated into 29 states, with seven other territorial unions, each with their own unique dances and traditional foods.


At the end of the presentation, students of ISA performed multiple traditional dances, finishing with a glamorous performance.


After the presentation, those who attended were greeted with traditional dishes of chicken and chickpea chole (curry), puri, gulab jamun and mango lassi to wash it all down. While people enjoyed the traditional Indian food, students and children flocked to booths where they could get Henna tattoos and their name written in one of many Indian dialects.


ISA President Saurabh Tulsankar said these events are to promote Indian culture. “There seemed to be a lack of Indian community here on campus,” he said, and explained how this event was intended to celebrate India, as well as teach the local community about their culture.