Sweetening the deal: Women in Engineering Candy Fest

The treat part of trick-or-treating was brought to a new level as Women in Engineering (WIE) put on the Candy Fest on Oct. 24. Not only did WIE provide sweets galore, but insightful information on scholarship and internship hunting along with a few hints on how to be successful in college as well. Although the event was directed towards engineers, it is applicable to all majors and minors.


Finding scholarships is much simpler than some may think. In fact, members of the WIE board showed their audience just how easy it is by searching for “scholarships” in the MSU website. There are scholarships for undergraduates and graduates, and grants for those going into research. They added that MSU is changing their verbalization as of Nov. 1; “scholarships” will be known as “opportunities” on the MSU main web page.


The more students at MSU become involved in different clubs and activities that are both academic and extracurricularly, the more appealing they are for scholarships and to companies looking for interns. Not only does becoming involved look good on a resumé, but it can also provide ample opportunities.


The final point made during the meeting was to talk with and get to know professors and teachers. They are willing and able to help students in the class as well as with scholarship and internship applications. If the need arises, professors and teachers may be able to write a letter of recommendation that could provide a life-long opportunity.


Alexia Hoople decorates a cookie during the Women in Engineering Candy Fest Tuesday, Oct. 24, 2017. Photo by Annika Serniotti.