MSU receives positive feedback from accerditors

Every seven years, MSU must write a self-evaluation report for accreditors to review the ins and outs of campus. This is a time for MSU to examine itself and determine whether it is meeting its strategic goals. Mike Becker, MSU’s head news director, fully expects MSU to be accredited.


Becker explained, “It’s a tremendous opportunity for MSU to take a look at itself to make sure that we are giving students the full opportunity to succeed and graduate, to go out and serve Montana and carry out our land-grant mission.”


The accreditation team of eight representatives visited campus from Oct. 16-18. The accreditation team consists of educators from Alaska, Idaho, Nevada, Oregon and Utah. They gave MSU praise for MSU’s ability to follow through with our strategic planning. MSU was also given credit for their high retention rates, using many different services on campus that assist students to overcome challenges that would keep them from graduating.


Special notice was given to the Renne Library and Gallatin College. Specifically for the library, accreditors were impressed with the Treasure State Academic Information and Library Services (TRAILS) that connects with libraries across Montana to make information more accessible for students. Gallatin College was acknowledged for its ability to provide great programs that help students get their foot in the door for MSU.


MSU was advised to find a way to quantify the process more accurately and keep on top of deferred maintenance on campus.