Preventing loss through education

Up to 1,100 students nationwide take their own lives every year. During the month of September, many take the time to remember their lost loved ones and collaborate ideas to spread awareness and prevent more tragedy. MSU Counseling & Psychological Services took action this year by organizing an online suicide prevention training for staff and students on campus, and in person trainings by request. The goal was to train a person for every student that has taken their lives on average per year. This means getting up to 1,100 people to participate in the program.


“We got about a third of the way there for our semester goal, so we are excited that so many people were motivated to have suicide prevention training in the last 30 days,” Brian Krasser, CPS Psychologist and Suicide Prevention Coordinator said. “So far this year we have trained almost 500 people in suicide prevention, and we expect that number to continue growing throughout the rest of the year.”


Krasser explained that the goal of acknowledging Suicide Awareness Month with these programs is to increase awareness on campus, provide counseling for those in need and equip the community with the tools and abilities to help those in need. He says that people feel much more confident helping a friend when they know what to say and can provide them with resources.


The feedback from those who participated was positive, and MSU officials contributed greatly to that success, including emails from President Cruzado and ASMSU President Kylar Clifton helping to spread the word.


If you or a loved one is struggling with suicidal thoughts, contact the MSU Counseling & Psychological Services at 406-585-4531, or the National Suicide Prevention Hotline at 1-800-273-8255.