Moving forward: Diversity and inclusion at MSU

In the “Diversity and Inclusion Framework Report,” MSU is pushing to create a diverse environment helping inspire people to learn, become more creative and be overall more productive. This is the position held by President Waded Cruzado concerning MSU and she has helped create an advisory committee of MSU students and staff to help fulfill the goal of creating a more diverse environment for learning.


On the last Diversity Summit meeting, over 400 faculty, staff and students came together to create guidelines to expand student environments, eradicating social and racial injustices to make a learning space that is open and welcoming to every single person who steps onto the MSU campus.


The vision for MSU is to reach excellency of learning and teaching by providing new opportunities both in and out of the classroom for students to communicate in an effective way.


Through multiple themes including communication, leadership and access, the community of MSU will have the opportunity to expand our understanding of the world and the way we learn and interact with others both within and outside of the academic setting.