Alpha Sigma Phi begins new chapter at MSU

MSU welcomes a new fraternity to campus. Alpha Sigma Phi, the nation’s tenth oldest and fastest growing collegiate fraternity, is currently accepting pledges and seeking Founding Fathers for the MSU chapter. Claiming the motto “To Better the Man,” the fraternity looks for individuals searching to take advantage of leadership opportunities, leave a legacy of something new and better both themselves and the community.

Originally founded at Yale University in 1845, the fraternity has grown to maintain 127 chapters across the country. In fact, it has doubled in the last five years by adding over 70 new chapters.  Dubbed “The Gentleman’s Fraternity,” its foundations lay in its core principles: “Silence, Charity, Purity, Honor and Patriotism.” Notable members include Ohio Governor John Kasich, business magnate Warren Buffet and major golf champion Tom Watson.

With the addition of Alpha Sigma Phi, MSU is now home to eight nationally recognized fraternities. For more information, Coordinator of Expansion and Growth Brett Carlson will be on campus until Sept. 30. He can be reached at