Romney Hall renovation faces obstacles

A renovation of Romney Hall faces obstacle in the state legislature.

Built in 1922, most of the Romney Hall is unusable, according to a report on MSU’s Campus Planning, Design & Construction webpage. The renovation would take the building from 140 classroom seats in four classrooms to over 1,000 seats distributed between 18 new classrooms.

The renovation would aid MSU’s rapidly growing student population — which has grown 4,102 students in the past 10 years. It also would house the Math Learning Center and Writing Center, both of which have experienced burgeoning demand the past year, according to the renovation webpage.

However, the funds for the project, some $25 million, are at the mercy of the state legislature, imbedded in a $78 million bill aimed at addressing long-overlooked infrastructure issues across the state.

Though there was hope that the bill might go through, the bill failed to pass in the House on March 31, largely due to fiscal conservatives opposed to issuing debt to pay for the projects. The bill was resurrected April 1, before being rejected again on April 6.

As of April 7, a committee in the House has been reworking the bill for another shot at getting the infrastructure package though.