Clifton, McFeely win ASMSU Presidential election

Excitement and disbelief; those were the sentiments expressed by Kylar Clifton and Micah McFeely upon the announcement they had just won the ASMSU Presidential election.


“It became real all of a sudden, it was really exciting,” Clifton explained. At the closing of the polls, the Clifton-McFeely team had amassed 1,753 votes, or 59 percent of the 2,962 votes cast for the executive ticket. The team of Derek Hetherington and John Walker received 1,209 votes.


The general election voter turnout was 3,379, or 22.2 percent of eligible voters, up from last year’s turnout. Acknowledging the student participation in the election, McFeely said, “we saw a lot higher voter turnout at this election than we have in the past, and that gets Kylar and me excited. That means that students believe enough in each other and want their voices heard so they can help everybody, and that’s so cool.”


Clifton said their first steps in office are “getting caught up on everything going on including the legislature, and the $11 million budget cuts we might face. Also looking at the new structure base of MSU, what programs we want to get rolling out and kind of just prepare ourselves to be the most efficient we can be next school year.”


McFeely added, “something that started us and keeps us going is trying to make MSU feel like home for everybody who comes here. We feel that in this position there is such a reach with students and that’s so powerful.”


Clifton interjected, “I guess just wanting to use that mission for the benefit of all students. Regardless of their involvement and regardless of their background.”


“Micah and I are really excited for this opportunity to serve all students,” Clifton said. “We look forward to helping students to connect to all aspects of MSU and to making sure that everyone feels like they have a sense of home and belonging and are supported by ASMSU and also by the university.”