Students have opportunity to vote on the Student Recreation Facilities Project

On April 11-12, the MSU student body has the opportunity to vote in the ASMSU General Election Ballot. This ballot includes the Student Recreation Facilities Project, which aims to support: upgrading the existing rock climbing wall in the Hosaues Fitness Center; constructing a synthetic turf field and supporting infrastructure at the Dobbie Lambert Intramural Fields and providing additional resources to support the 256 registered student organizations at MSU.

The ASMSU Resolution for this project passed unanimously on March 9. Although the idea for building a turf field has been mulling around the university for years, ASMSU President Garrett Leach made the creation of the field a personal goal during his presidency. He was joined by ASMSU College of Letters and Science senator, Scott Killian, pursuing the idea of expanding and remodeling the climbing wall in the Hosaues Fitness Center.


The three-prong approach helps reach the majority of students on campus. The turf field would be open from sunup to sundown with lights, and available for all students. Clubs would be able to book the facility through rec sports, students could play pickup games on the field and it would be used for intramurals. There will also be a covered area, which can be used to host events, such as philanthropy events.


The climbing wall is currently over capacity a majority of the time, attesting to the number of students who use the facility. Expanding the wall will allow for more students to climb at any given time, as well as increasing the total number of climbers.


Killian said, “for me, the big thing is student involvement. Increasing student engagement leads to an increased retention, helping students get out on time.” He also spoke to the strength of the three-prong approach, as its nature will benefit anyone, not just one niche on campus.


Brad Tucker, a member of the MSU Men’s Rugby Club, has been actively spreading the word around campus regarding this project and the students’ ability to vote on it. He said, “I think it will grow club sports as a whole and allow more space for all students.”

The breakdown of the project’s expenses per student is as follows: $16.64 per student per semester for the turf field, $9.70 per student per semester for the increased funds for student organizations and no additional fees for the climbing wall, because the money is already available in the student facilities enhancement project. However, to access this money, it needs to be proven to the Board of Regents that the students want the money to be placed in a climbing wall expansion.

To vote on April 11th and 12th, go to and enter your NetID and password.