The Bozeman Monologues seek to create a supportive community

The fourth annual Bozeman Monologues, an event celebrating open dialogue concerning sexual issues, was held at the Emerson Center Theater on March 30.


The event, hosted by Students Against Sexual Assault (SASA), showcased a collection of stories written and performed by community members. All proceeds went towards SASA’s Survivor Fund which benefits survivors of sexual assault in Bozeman by replacing clothes taken during a rape kit, providing safe shelter and assisting with the transportation of survivors and their families.


This year, the taboo topics brought onstage included sexual conversion therapy, bondage during sex, fat shaming, growing up as a pastor’s kid, long distance relationships and a letter to President Donald Trump. The Bozeman Monologues, adapted from Eve Ensler’s “The Vagina Monologues,” is meant to “provide a platform for diverse perspectives and bring taboo topics to the stage” according to SASA.

The Emerson was filled with a rowdy and supportive audience as 15 performers took to the stage to talk about painful or embarrassing experiences. SASA’s President, Ryan Chauner, and vice president, Taly Polukoff, MC’d the night, and encouraged community members to talk about these taboo topics in their own lives. The Bozeman Monologues hopes to create a more supportive community.