MSU’s silent fight against budget cuts

Montana State recently held a fundraiser intended to fight against the rapid drain of state funds that the Montana University System is anticipating. The cuts are proposed to equal close to $20 million, or roughly 3.5 percent of the state budget. Earlier this week, a silent auction, which was open to businesses and private citizens, was held in SUB Ballroom C. The auctioned items included yearlong naming rights to buildings on campus and tours of MSU’s most interesting places led by MSU’s most illustrious and decorated staff members. President Waldo Cruzaldo seemed fairly excited by these events and stated, “we even got Coca Cola to sponsor the event.”

The silent auction resulted in several notable building name changes around campus. The most exciting developments were the renaming of the library to the “Pearson University Library” and the surprise winning bid for the renaming of the SUB by Starbucks. SUB will now stand for “Starbucks Union Building.”

Other changes to names around the MSU campus include the outdoor center’s change to the “Roundhouse Sport Stop,” the Chemistry and Biochemistry building’s name change to the “Tesco Chemistry Complex” and Montana Hall’s renaming to “McDonald’s Hall.”

Photo by Zach Nell