Griz added to endangered species list

Experts have put the University of Montana Grizzlies on the endangered species list, alarmed at the steady decrease of the population since 2009.

“If these declines in the Griz population keep up, they could go extinct by the year 2025,” Bob C. Att, Ph.D. said, an expert who has had an eye on the Griz population’s decline.

Bobcats, mortal enemies of Grizzlies, have been roaring “Down with the Griz!” for decades, but this is not how most Cats figured it would go.

Though there is wide speculation explaining the decrease in population, Att posits that the decline could have something to do with the fact that more people are becoming aware of the undesirable qualities of Grizzlies. After all, they sleep half the year, making winter classes a snooze.

Experts have also determined that the “morning grogginess” most people experience an hour or two after waking up lasts several weeks for Griz. So, getting up to speed is a serious struggle.

Unlike the light, nimble, quick, sharp, agile and elegant Bobcat, the Grizzlies are slow to adapt to the changing Montana habitat.

Go and see them while you can, experts say, because they may not be around much longer.

Att added that the Griz is not the only species facing such troubles: “It might be worth putting the Yellowjackets of Billings on that list too.”

Photo Illustration by Kira Nuebel