Urinals of MSU: Where function and beauty meet

Art comes in many forms and creativity knows no limits. One of the less-appreciated mediums is urinal design. MSU boasts a remarkable diversity of urinals, which the Excrement would like to showcase and rank for our readers.

Fourth Place: Main Floor SUB


We’ll start with the urinals on the main floor of the SUB. Relatively standard, they are comfortable and approachable for the everyday patron. No surprises or investigation to figure out how to flush; just walk away and the urinal automatically takes care of business.

For solid and dependable design, we ranked these fourth.


Third Place: AJM Johnson Hall

In AJM Johnson Hall, we find long-jawed urinals that stretch all the way to the floor. With such a huge surface area before you, there is a true sense of freedom, as if any direction you turn, you can’t be wrong!

For exhilarating freedom, third.


Second Place: Jabs Hall

The Jake Jabs building is the way to go for an experience that is out of this world. With sleek design and shiny pipes, squaring up to one of these urinals, you half expect to hear a countdown before a resounding “takeoff,” followed by shaking ground and deafening rockets. Though the Jabs urinals seem fit only for an astronaut, don’t fret, you won’t be hurled into the crushing emptiness of space if you choose to use them.

For exact and modern design like NASA, second.


First Place: Reid Hall

But those who have ventured into the depths of Reid Hall know the real gems of Montana State. The Panama Canal of urinals, the user feels as if they have entered the darkened under-foliage of a jungle to find urinals lost since the demise of the Mayan Empire. Ingenious for their time, these urinals have a straddle-factor that can’t be found anywhere else.

For an adventurous and daring design reminiscent of an Indiana Jones escapade, the Reid urinals take first place.

Photos by Chris Sandison
AJM Johnson
Photo by Dave Biegel
Jake Jabs