Pike on interim suspension after alcohol violation

The Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity, commonly referred to as Pike, has entered its third consecutive semester of violating alcohol policies. As a result of what was described as “a golf-themed ‘date dash’” on the night of Feb. 25, a minor who attended the Pike social gathering was transported from her residence hall to the local hospital. The individual suffered severe acute alcohol poisoning, directly resulting from the consumption of hard alcohol served at the fraternity house. Other minors were also alleged to have been served alcohol. Additionally, one of Pike’s members was issued a criminal citation for underage alcohol consumption.


Pike recently adopted a chapter rule set in place spring 2014, which prohibits hard alcohol in the fraternity house. In an email Dean of Students Matt Caires stated, “this is the third semester in a row where an alcohol violation has been reported that has resulted in various injuries.” Due to the events on the night of Feb. 25, and the events of previous semesters, Pike has been delivered an interim restriction. The interim restriction prohibits Pike from hosting or engaging in fraternity, sorority or university events that occur without approval from the Dean of Students.


Caires stated, “overall, I’m actually encouraged by the direction that the fraternity system is going.” He expressed enthusiasm in the leadership of other fraternities who have made their homes safer places. “The time has come for Pike to do the same thing,” Caires stated. “The fact that this has occurred now three semesters in a row, I feel like I have a responsibility to the student body to be talking about this.”