International Women’s Day finds multiple venues

On Wednesday, March 8, the world celebrated International Women’s Day (IWD) with the 2017 campaign #BeBoldForChange. This year, the campaign is aimed to “call on the masses or call on yourself to help forge a better working world — a more gender inclusive world.”


The celebration began in 1908, when 15,000 women marched through New York City for shorter hours, better pay and voting rights. Today, IWD is a national holiday in numerous countries including: Afghanistan, Cuba, Russia, Uganda and Vietnam.


In the United States, many cities participated in states ranging from Wisconsin to Texas and Oregon to New York. Events were held in approximately 136 cities across the country.


The United Nations used IWD to announce their 2030 agenda: ensuring that all girls and boys complete and have access to free, equitable and quality primary secondary education, and to end all forms of discrimination against all women and girls, including violence in both the private and public sphere and eliminate harmful practices such as forced marriage and female genital mutilation.

In Bozeman, the event, “Hysteria! Song and Drum Circle,” was held at Eagle Mount to celebrate IWD. The event was an enjoyable community event to, “learn songs that will fill you with righteous joy and empowerment,” and “drum rhythms of celebration, life-force and rejuvenation.” The event was co-sponsored by Many Hands Light Work, The Montana Women’s Chorus, The Montana Racial Equity Project and The Women’s March community.