JJCBE and Montana banks team bring internship opportunities

The Jake Jabs College of Business and the Montana banking community have joined forces to create an internship program for business students. According to the College of Business Dean, Kregg Aytes, the goal of the internship program is to “introduce students to a lucrative career and help students find employment after graduating.”


The college of business offers a course, Commercial Banking Management (BFIN 458) taught by Internship Advisor, Tim Harvey, which introduces students to the field of commercial banking. “We have had local banks reach out to us wanting our students. We’ve noticed that not a lot of students enter banking and if they do, the go to larger banks and we want to show our students the importance of local banks and their effect on communities,” he said. “If students stay in state and work in Montana, it helps local and state economic development. So that’s what we really would like to accomplish with this.”


Currently, there are several banks already in line for students who are interested. Any business student that is interested in the internship program is encouraged to meet with Chantelle Mayhan, the internship coordinator, at the Bracken Center or at (406) 994-4438.


Written by Hanibal Clayton